What is MMC CIS?

The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) is a Scheme introduced by HM Revenue & Customs to enable construction workers to be self-employed. On registering with HMRC for CIS, you will be given a Unique Tax Reference Number (UTR) which each contractor will need to verify your tax status. The tax status is determined by HMRC and will be one of 3 levels, Gross, 20% or 30% taxation.

MMC Management is a commercial contractor. We sub-contract you and your services out to recruitment agencies and clients. MMC then charges the agency or client a fee for the services that you have provided, out of this fee we then deduct a competitive margin from the contract.

On a weekly basis MMC Management pays its sub-contractors for the services they have provided, all CIS deductions are taken at source, therefore what your receive in your bank account is yours to spend!

As a self-employed contractor any expenses that you incur in the course of providing your services, you can claim for at the end of the financial year by completing a tax return. If you are unsure about how to do this, let us know and we will put you in touch with an accountant.

Why use a commercial contractor?

Most agencies are unwilling to contract directly with self-employed sub-contractors, therefore contracting through a commercial contractor like MMC Management gives you the opportunity to take agency work whilst keeping your self-employed status.

How does MMC Management help?

MMC Management liaises with the agency and invoices them for the work that you have done. On a weekly basis we then release a payment to you after deducting the CIS tax contributions at a level advised by HMRC at the time of verification.

On a weekly and monthly basis MMC Management will send you a payment advice for your records to make completing your tax return easier.

As a self-employed sub-contractor you are in charge of making your own National Insurance contributions, in order to set up a direct debit call HMRC on 0845 366 7899.

MMC Management margins

From each contract, MMC Management retains a margin which is competitive, transparent and tiered dependent on the value of the contract.

Weekly Contract Sum Gross Margin
£300 + £17.50
Up to £299 £12.50

Should you as a sub-contractor need to be paid earlier than the agreed day, MMC Management can advance your weekly payment. There would be an increase in the weekly margin by £20.00.

What to do next?

If you are not registered for CIS
To register with MMC Management we need the following documents from you:

  1. Completed Registration Form
  2. Signed copy of Contract for Services
  3. Provide a copy of your ID – to prove eligibility to work in the UK

On receipt of these documents, you will become a sub-contractor of MMC Management.

For more information go to the downloads page to get the above forms or call us on 0151 339 3558

Why Choose MMC CIS

  • One Contract for services
  • Transparent and competitive margin structure
  • Keep your Self Employed Status
  • Tax taken up front!
  • Insurance cover
  • Experienced Customer Service Team
  • Weekly and Monthly payment advice to help you with your tax returns

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